DMIT Report Benefits for above 21 years

Benefits of DMIT Report for above 21 years

This is the age where studies are generally completing and everyone would step into an earning phase of life. , first thing everyone works on is a breakthrough into a job or start his own business. DMIT can help the professionals to identify the best suited industries, departments, jobs, career basing on their multiple intelligences, linguistic skills, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, reasoning and creativity abilities by birth. Learnt skills will help the individual to perform the task but the inborn interests towards these abilities will motivate the individual to succeed. This in turn will complement satisfaction and happiness in what they do. Happy professionals build a beautiful world.

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What DMIT Analysis can reveal?

  • Strength of various brain lobes working for various functions like observation, listening, speech, creativity, logics, body/muscle strength, etc. 
  • Left Brain and Right Brain distribution
  • Learning Sensitivity or Learning Speed
  • Multiple Quotient
  • Distribution – EQ, IQ, AQ & CQ
  • Personality trait – DISC Profile
  • Communication Styles
  • Learning Styles – learns by seeing, listening or experiencing
  • Multiple Intelligences like music, nature, language ability,…
  • Extracurricular activities – best and needed
  • Career options – Various suitable professions

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What we can understand about ourselves?

We can clearly understand about our 
  • Inborn Talents
  • Inherent capabilities
  • God gifted potentials by birth.
  • Strengths and areas to improve
  • Reasoning and Creativity skills
  • Leadership skills and Self-Management
  • Linguistic, visual and artistic abilities
  • Interpersonal and Intrapersonal skills
  • Gross Motor & Fine motor proficiency