DMIT Report Benefits for Schools

Benefits of DMIT Report for Schools

Same teacher, same books, same class but some students score more marks and some score less. Same students who get good marks in one subject struggle to get the same in another subject. Students and teachers, both are good. The mismatch is the teaching style of hte teacher and the learning style of the student. Tweaking the teaching styles to learning styles of the children can give excellent results in the students. Consolidated DMIT report for the class will help the teacher to adapt suitable teaching styles. A combination of Visual, auditory and kinesthetic styles is employed by the teachers in general. However, to get the best results for the entire class with the same efforts, teachers can take the help of DMIT to identify the similar learning style and learning speed children and provide team activities among them for collaborative learning. Some new age schools are using DMIT analysis to identify talents in the children and groom them in talents like sports, games, painting, music, dance, mathematics, debates, drama, etc. in addition to the benefit in studies. This helps school management to achieve par excellence and stay ahead, teachers to deliver best results and children to achieve their best. Teachers and children can lead a stress free and successful life.

DMIT Test For Students

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What DMIT Analysis can reveal?

  • Strength of various brain lobes working for various functions like observation, listening, speech, creativity, logics, body/muscle strength, etc. 
  • Left Brain and Right Brain distribution
  • Learning Sensitivity or Learning Speed
  • Multiple Quotient
  • Distribution – EQ, IQ, AQ & CQ
  • Personality trait – DISC Profile
  • Communication Styles
  • Learning Styles – learns by seeing, listening or experiencing
  • Multiple Intelligences like music, nature, language ability,…
  • Extracurricular activities – best and needed
  • Career options – Various suitable professions

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What we can understand about ourselves?

We can clearly understand about our 
  • Inborn Talents
  • Inherent capabilities
  • God gifted potentials by birth.
  • Strengths and areas to improve
  • Reasoning and Creativity skills
  • Leadership skills and Self-Management
  • Linguistic, visual and artistic abilities
  • Interpersonal and Intrapersonal skills
  • Gross Motor & Fine motor proficiency