Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT)

“Your Child’s Untold Fingerprint Story”

What is DMIT?

The full form DMIT is Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test. In general, it is called as DMIT Test, DMIT analysis, DMIT report, Fingerprint Analysis, etc. They are all the same.

DMIT is an advanced scientific tool to map the neocortical activity level of each lobe in our brain using fingerprints. There are 5 brain lobes in our brain. Each finger in our hand represents one brain lobe. The left-hand fingers represent the right hemisphere of the brain lobe and right-hand fingers represent the left hemisphere of the brain lobe. Dr. Howard Gardner has spent all his life in the research and analysis of fingerprints and their relation with various physical and mental characteristics. Dr. Howard Gardner has poured his experience in a book called “Frames of Mind”. Dermatoglyphics is being widely used in the field of Neuroscience & Embryology. The clinical study of Dermatoglyphics is being used for identifying deficiencies in human body that might come in the future of an individual and providing food supplements to overcome them in the early stages of life. When science has advanced to those stages, how it can be used by individuals in their regular life is all about DMIT test.

Benefits of DMIT

Through DMIT test, this brain mapping with fingerprints for an individual interestingly reveals several traits of a person like the personal management skills, leadership skills, Gross motor and fine motor skills, auditory and visual skills, left and right brain balance, their learning style, their personality trait, their EQ, IQ, AQ and CQ levels, their learning speed, Multiple Intelligences and career opportunities. DMIT analysis helps in understanding inborn potential and unique capabilities of an individual.

Parents want to guide their children to become successful and be happy in their life. With DMIT, parents can scientifically know about the above capabilities in detail and parents can guide their children in the right way to capitalize their areas of strength and excel easily in those areas with ease. Human brain can adopt new things and start rewiring new circuits in the brain about the new learnings.

Parents can take a better decision in choosing the right extracurricular activities that are helpful in their life to cope up with their areas of development and also the best career options so that their children can be successful, happy and lead a stress free life. DMIT is also useful for career counselling, career guidance after 10th, 12th and also what specializations the students can choose basing upon which career is best for the individual.

Science behind DMIT

Dermatoglyphics is the scientific study of fingerprints. It is arrived from the ancient Greek, derma = skin, glyph = carving. Dr.Harold Cummins is considered to be the father of dermatoglyphics. He coined the term Dermatoglyphics in 1926 and researched for 5 decates till 1976.He was a professor in Anatomy at Tulane University, Anthropologist, Vice President of the American Society of Human Genetics (1955), President of the American Association of Anatomists (1961-1962). Dermatoglyphics research was predominantly directed into genetic research, the diagnosis of chromosomal defects, Embryology, and Neurosciences.

Fingerprints are the product of their genes as well as the environment of the mother’s womb. The fingerprint patterns are formed during the fetal development stage 10 to 25 weeks. The human brain also develops during this stage. Scientific researches establish a close relation between the fingerprints and the Brain lobes.

Significant investigations have been carried out into the Dermatoglyphics indicators of congenital heart disease, intestinal disorders, cancer, dental deficiencies, Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia, autism and many more. Several researches were carried out and over four thousand papers have been published in International journals in the past 3 decades.

In the form of DMIT report, this study has been made available for all the individuals to identify their several innate capabilities, hidden talents and inborn potentials to make use of them and become successful in life.

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