DMIT Report Benefits for age 1 to 4 years

Benefits of DMIT Report for age 1 to 4 years

At this age, children can’t even talk properly. Knowing and understanding about the child is a big task to the parents. DMIT helps to know about the personality of the kid if they are Dominant, Influential, Steady or Compliant. This will help the parents to adapt better parenting styles. Eg: If the child is of dominant personality, the child does not like others to give orders or dominate. They would become unhappy and may not listen to parents. Parents would think that the child is adamant. Child would think that the parents are not liking him/her. Similarly knowing about the child’s learning style, communication styles, interests, linguistic skills, emotional and adversity quotients will help in grooming the child with best parenting and build a happy family.

DMIT Test For Children


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What DMIT Analysis can reveal?

  • Strength of various brain lobes working for various functions like observation, listening, speech, creativity, logics, body/muscle strength, etc. 
  • Left Brain and Right Brain distribution
  • Learning Sensitivity or Learning Speed
  • Multiple Quotient
  • Distribution – EQ, IQ, AQ & CQ
  • Personality trait – DISC Profile
  • Communication Styles
  • Learning Styles – learns by seeing, listening or experiencing
  • Multiple Intelligences like music, nature, language ability,…
  • Extracurricular activities – best and needed
  • Career options – Various suitable professions

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What we can understand about ourselves?

We can clearly understand about our 
  • Inborn Talents
  • Inherent capabilities
  • God gifted potentials by birth.
  • Strengths and areas to improve
  • Reasoning and Creativity skills
  • Leadership skills and Self-Management
  • Linguistic, visual and artistic abilities
  • Interpersonal and Intrapersonal skills
  • Gross Motor & Fine motor proficiency